An Inside Look at Honda's Certified Pre-Owned Program

It has become pretty overwhelming to pick out a new vehicle when yours needs to be replaced. There are so many different makes and models to select from, many people have a hard time narrowing down what they really are interested in. Working with a limited budget can be discouraging during this process. You might fall in love with a vehicle only to find that you can't afford it. You shouldn't feel like you're automatically going to need to forget that model. The certified pre-owned market provides high quality used models for a fraction of the cost.

About the Honda Certified Pre-Owned Program

A certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle is essentially a used model. It has been previously owned, but the quality tends to be much higher than something which is uncertified and just used. Expert technicians at our service center near Kenmore, NY, can only complete certification. This is done on behalf of the manufacturer. To become certified, each vehicle must pass a very rigorous inspection process. Honda vehicles will need to pass over 150 different points. If anything is found to be damaged, we perform all repairs using OEM parts that we source through Honda. Routine maintenance is often performed as well.

CPO Requirements

In order for us to consider a vehicle for the Honda Certified Program, that vehicle must be less than six years old and more than one year old. It must also have more than 12,000 miles on its odometer. In order to eligible for the Honda True Certified Plus program, the vehicle must be less than one year old and have less than 12,000 miles. Honda holds us accountable for each vehicle that we certify for these programs.

Warranties and Coverage

All new vehicles come with warranty coverage. Most used vehicles only carry over what is left of that coverage. When you purchase a certified pre-owned model from our dealership near North Tonawanda, NY, Honda provides you with a new limited warranty. You also get a roadside assistance package that will provide you with help if your vehicle ever breaks down. Keep in mind, using OEM parts for the repairs we needed to make will provide additional warranties on those parts. If these parts would need to be serviced again while you own the vehicle, the cost should be covered.


Each certified pre-owned Honda comes with three years of free satellite radio. Complimentary service and maintenance is also included. Transferability is allowed between owners. You can also obtain service for your vehicle if you are traveling outside of Tonawanda, and something goes wrong along the way.


When you invest in a brand new vehicle, a lot of value is lost the first time it is driven off the lot. Regardless of what you paid, your vehicle won't be able to be sold for the same amount. When you invest in a certified pre-owned model, your vehicle holds a lot of its original value. If you decide to sell your vehicle at any point in the future, expect to get a good return on your original investment. Because your vehicle is so new, you'll likely be able to use this affordable investment for years to come. You'll be saving a lot of money in the long run if you think about what you'd be paying monthly for a brand new model that was never owned before.

Learn More at Northtown Honda in Amherst, NY

If you would like to look through our large selection of certified pre-owned Honda vehicles, you can stop down to Northtown Honda near Buffalo to find out more. We'll get you behind the wheel of a few different certified pre-owned models. Trying each vehicle out is one of the most ideal ways of determining if you're going to like what you're buying. We very frequently acquire and inspect certified pre-owned Honda models. Stop back often to see what has changed recently.  We look forward to meeting you!