Tailgating Essentials for Your Next Big Event

Here are a few things you should consider bringing to your next tailgating party to ensure the fun times never end.

Pack a good pair of jumper cables in your truck bed. Not only can you help another party goer if their battery goes dead, chances are you'll be playing your radio, have a TV plugged in, or using all the mobile charging stations. If your battery does die, you have the cables ready for anyone nearby to offer some assistance.

Keep a large clear plastic tote in the bed to haul home all your dirty plates, and cooking…
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Vehicle Safety Ratings: What Do You Need to Know?

Vehicle safety ratings help you keep your family safe. These ratings show the likelihood that a vehicle's occupants will sustain a serious injury in a given type of accident. If safety is a top priority in your vehicle search, use these ratings to your advantage.

Two agencies provide safety ratings in the U.S.: the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration {NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Each agency performs front-impact tests and side-impact tests. The NHTSA also performs rollover testing

  • The NHTSA's rating system is the 5-Star Safety Rating...
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Tips for Buying a Used Car

Most people are buying or leasing new cars, and they are missing out on some great savings when you purchase a used vehicle. You can save about $10,000 just by purchasing a vehicle with under 50,000 miles. You can still take advantage of the warranty and maintenance plans typically for cars that you purchase within one to two years of the current model.

Most people want to purchase a used vehicle because it has some automatic upgrades if the year is after 2015. This year saw a lot of new technology in cars due to the necessity of…
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Suggested Games for a Great Summer Road Trip

While the excitement of setting out on a road trip is sure to keep everybody entertained for the first leg, after a while, people start to get restless. This is even more pronounced in children, who will start to get fidgety as they are unable to freely move around and burn off excess energy. Here at Northtown Honda, we hope to help you get over this issue and enjoy a family road trip for the ages. Here are some suggestions for road trip games to keep both young and old entertained.

A classic game that will be revisited for decades…

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Solid Reasons to Buy an SUV

If you are in the market for a new or pre-owned car, you may be wondering about the benefits associated with purchasing an SUV. There are some solid reasons to buy an SUV.

First, an SUV is a versatile vehicle. You can utilize this type of vehicle in a number of different ways.

Second, an SUV is a good buy because of its safety status and associated safety features. Generally speaking, an SUV is deemed to be a good choice for a safety conscious motorist.

Finally, selecting an SUV can be a wise decision because it is an efficient way…

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Learning More About Car Wax

We want you to understand the best ways of caring for your vehicle, and we want to help you keep your vehicle in good shape. It is important for you to know what car wax is and how it can work when used on your vehicle.

The car wax that you use to shine up your vehicle is actually wax. It is wax that can come from a natural source or an artificial one. It is wax that is mixed with other ingredients to make it something that can be rubbed over the surface of your vehicle. It is something…
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What is an Infotainment System?

One reason to upgrade your car is to get an infotainment system. These are incredible smart systems that combine audio visual controls with safety features, music streaming, GPS navigation, camera controls, vehicle menus, and so much more. You can access everything from your car's computer to hands-free calling just by saying a few keywords to your car.

There are also a ton of new features connected to the cameras on the side and rear of your vehicle. Even with used vehicles, if it's dated past 2015, you likely will get a smart infotainment system in your car that…
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Learning About the Different Types of Truck Bed Liners

Here at Northtown Honda, we wanted to help you understand all the different truck liner options available to you. The most common and popular bed liner is the drop-in style. These bed liners are basically heavy-duty molded rubber that is sculpted to be an exact fit to any make or model truck bed. These liners can be replaced after years of abuse.

The next popular bed liner is the spray-on type. These are a one-shot deal, meaning once the material is sprayed on the bed, it is there forever. The bed rugs and bed mats offer a smaller degree of…

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The Reasons Your Car's Tire Pressure Light is Illuminated

The reasons the tire pressure light are illuminating on your car's dash are numerous, so today we discuss a few of the causes you might not be aware of. Even a small obstruction in the tire could be allowing air to escape, and you may not be able to see the trouble. If the head of the nail or screw was sheared off from driving on the road, then the rest of the obstruction is deep in the tire tread now. A skilled mechanic will be able to find and repair the issue before you experience a blowout.


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Vehicle Air Filters

Most vehicle owners are familiar with the pleated, paper air filter in the engine compartment that prevents dirt, dust and other debris from contaminating the engine. The filter is often checked during routine oil changes. However, many vehicles also contain a cabin air filter. The filter lies somewhere within the climate control system and is responsible for blocking dust, mold and pollen from entering the vehicle's interior through the heating and air conditioning vents.

The cabin filter also needs checking periodically and replaced when necessary....

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