Inside Look at Sony & Honda's Exclusive Electric Car Partnership in North Tonawanda, NY

As we anticipate the expansion and growing popularity of electric cars, it's no surprise that big-name players like Sony are looking to stake their claim and enter the automotive space. In a statement released by Sony and Honda, the two companies plan on joining forces to infiltrate and revolutionize the electric car market; together, they plan to explore a joint venture to develop, build, and sell electric cars to the public.

First Vehicle Rumored to Arrive in 2025

With production set to begin in the next few years, Sony and Honda have announced that their first vehicle will be available sometime in 2025. As soon as the venture gets up and running, the two companies plan to come together and figure out how to establish a business plan that benefits everyone. We know that all vehicles sold will benefit from Honda's expert production management and Sony's imaging tech and connectivity solutions.

Although they'd be working together, Sony and Honda plan to maintain separate manufacturing plants – Honda for cars and Sony for technology. They plan to work closely and integrate to develop a symbiotic relationship that can hopefully change the electric vehicle market forever. With some prototype models already sketched out, Sony has had its eye on a few popular design models that may interest drivers in North Tonawanda, including:

  • Models based on Sony's Vision-S electric sedan
  • Models based on Sony's Vision-S. 02 crossover

Learn More About the Future of Electric Cars

At Northtown Honda, we're proud to be a part of the bigger picture. When it comes to electric cars, we're devoted to entering the space and changing the way people feel about the benefits of hybrid technology. For more information about Honda and Sony coming together to explore a joint venture in manufacturing electric cars, please call or contact us online at Northtown Honda today!

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