Three Expert Tips to Help Maximize Your Trade-In Value in Amherst, NY

Whether you're looking to buy a new car or sell your existing car, the experts at Northtown Honda are here to help you. Consider selling your current car for extra value if you're in the market for something new but can't quite afford to pay for it. By valuing your trade-in at Northtown Honda, we'll pay you for what your existing car is worth, giving you trade-in equity for you to use when you're ready to purchase.

How Does the Trade-In Process Work?

Before buying anything near Kenmore, NY, it's important to consider your options to help you acquire some extra spending money. At Northtown Honda, we offer trade-in services using Kelley Blue Book's (KBB) Value Your Trade Tool. What this online tool does is allow you to sell – or trade-in your existing vehicle – for its most accurate market value.

By utilizing KBB's extensive network of buyers and lenders, we're able to determine your vehicle's current value based on the market and the overall condition of your vehicle. To help you maximize your savings and get the most out of your trade-in at Northtown Honda, our team is happy to share with you three exciting and exclusive trade-in tips.

Tips for Trading & Selling – How to Extract Full Value

As you prepare your vehicle to sell or trade-in near Buffalo, there are certain things you can do to give yourself the best chance of getting paid, including:

  • Learn to fix and make small repairs on your own
  • Research the market using KBB prior to selling
  • Practice good care car and keep your vehicle clean

Be Your Own Auto Mechanic

When the job calls for a professional, it's best to leave the more serious repairs to the experts at Northtown Honda. But as you prepare your vehicle to sell and notice fixable issues that don't seem to require too much expertise, you should consider taking them on yourself. Being your own mechanic doesn’t require any extensive training, just an open mind and a willingness to learn with the resources at your disposal. The internet is a great place to start looking for DIY repair information, especially by watching videos on YouTube.

Preview the Market Using KBB

We recommend brushing up on the current market and getting familiar with KBB's Value Your Trade tool before you sell or trade-in your car. KBB is like an infinity pool of automotive information that's overflowing with values and MSRPs. The more time you take to swim through and observe the market now translates to more savings later when you actively pursue selling or trading-in your existing vehicle in North Tonawanda, NY.

Treat Your Car to a Spa Day

We all deserve a spa day, especially your soon-to-be-sold vehicle. By treating your vehicle and freshening up its exterior with a fresh wash and wax; the interior with a deep clean and vacuum; the engine bay with a fine-tooth comb and brush; you're able to thoroughly clean your vehicle before you get rid of it. This makes it much more desirable to buyers and sellers and can even seek to amplify its market value by more than you might expect.

Contact Us to Learn More

Now is the time to start preparing your car to sell or trade-in at Northtown Honda, but not first without implementing the tips listed above. Go the extra mile to get a few extra dollars this season and learn how to take care of your vehicle the way a professional auto mechanic would. Give it a proper wash – inside and out – fix those few nagging repairs, and get familiar with the market using KBB to stay up to speed with the fast-moving market.

For more information about selling or trading in your car, please call or contact us online at Northtown Honda for more best practices! We look forward to hearing from you!