What to Expect with a Lack of Microchips & Inventories Low on Stock in Amherst, NY

If you're in the market for a new car in 2021, you've undoubtedly heard about the troubles plaguing the industry and most new car-buyers in Amherst, NY. Unlike in the years past, the car-buying process in 2021 looks a little different coming off the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020, forcing automakers to adjust and adapt to the changing times. So, what can you expect if you're looking to purchase a new car from Northtown Honda in 2021?

Be Ready to Change Your Expectations

It's not so much to scare you as it is to prepare you, but the experts at Northtown Honda encourage all car-buyers in 2021 to be ready to change their expectations. Expectations have shifted regarding the car-buying process due to a lack of microchips, a decline in available new inventory and lease extension financing offers.

To understand what you can expect when buying a new car in 2021, our team is committed to helping you simplify your search for the perfect new vehicle by navigating the market with all the proper tips and tricks. Before rushing to buy your next vehicle, we recommend taking some time to understand the current market so that you can alter your expectations when buying a new vehicle in 2021.

What to Know When Buying a New Car in 2021

Now is still a good time to buy a new car; however, there are still some implications that might affect the way you search for and test-drive your favorite models for sale in Buffalo, NY. Here at Northtown Honda, our team has compiled a shortlist of everything that you need to know before you buy a new car in 2021, including:

  • "Intelligent" features are limited due to a lack of available microchips
  • It's recommended that buyers custom order online instead of shopping in-person
  • Almost all financial lenders are willing to extend lease contracts to give you more time to buy

Microchip Shortage

You may have heard about the auto industry's lack of available microchips and semiconductors, but what does it all mean for buyers looking to shop for something new in 2021? If you're in the market for the latest vehicles with all the newest tech features, you may be forced to wait. Because of the lack of microchips, automakers are being forced to lay off workers and slash production of many "intelligent" systems and features, including HD user-interface screens, advanced safety systems, and more.

Order Online to Avoid the Lines

By custom ordering your next vehicle online, you'll get to skip the lines and avoid settling for something less than what you want in Kenmore, NY. Due to our lack of new inventory at Northtown Honda – and other dealerships across the state – the only way to ensure you get exactly what you want is by ordering your new car online. It will end up taking a few weeks to have your new vehicle delivered, but it's worth the wait if you can afford it. Otherwise, our facility is happy to set you up behind the wheel of one of many certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles, which are in stock and ready to roll off our lot today.

Extend Your Lease Contract

During these trying times, almost all lenders are willing to extend lease contracts for buyers seeking more time to find the perfect new vehicle. We recommend reaching out to your lender to determine your options before jumping the gun and buying something new unannounced. Extending your lease contract in Tonawanda, NY, will give you more time to shop and custom order your new vehicle online without getting charged for any overage fees.

Contact Us at Northtown Honda

For more information about what you can expect when buying a new car in 2021, we invite you to contact us at Northtown Honda to speak with a dedicated sales representative today! We look forward to hearing from you!

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