Shopping for new tires in Amherst, NY, doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, Northtown nTire, our premier tire sales and installation center, makes it very easy. Now offering low rates on professional-grade tires near Buffalo, Northtown nTire is every driver's desired destination for affordable tires. When you buy four new tires from us, you'll get exclusive access to our nTire team. Not only that, but you'll receive immediate tire care, service, and warranty coverage as part of the Northtown Nine.

What is the Northtown Nine?

The Northtown Nine is a list of nine perks that shoppers in Kenmore, NY, get when they buy tires from us. This includes professional installation from our trained team of tire experts, but the Northtown Nine has so much more to offer than that. Let's take an inside look at the nine advantages you get when you buy new tires from our Northtown facility in Amherst, NY.

One - Tire Mounting

The nTire price covers professional tire mounting and disposal of your old tires.

Two - Tire Balancing

We used a modern computerized system to laser balance your tires and wheels.

Three - Nitrogen Inflation

Nitogren helps increase tire longevitiy and enhances on-road performance.

Four - Tire Pressure Reset

After installing new tires, we'll reset your Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) sensor.

Five - Tire Warranty

New tires from Northtown nTire are covered for up to 12 months or until your tread depth reaches 7/32, whichever comes first.

Six - Roadside Help

Our team is available 24/7 and standing by to help you out in a pinch. Please call 855-429-2788 for any roadside emergencies.

Seven - Free Tire Rotation

Customers get one free tire rotation, as recommended by the OEM manufacturer, for the life of the tire.

Eight - Free TPMS Check & Nitrogen Top-Off

Customers also get a free TPMS check and complimentary nitrogen top-off for no extra cost.

Nine - Price Match

If you find a better price elsewhere in North Tonawanda, NY, bring it to us, and we'll match it.

Contact Us to Learn More

Discover the truth about professional tire care and service by giving us a call at Northtown nTire. We're happy to help drivers in Tonawanda get the right set of tires and make them last.

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