Wireless CarPlay Expected to Debut in the New 2021 Honda Accord

As we move into the future of automotive innovation, Honda is taking notice of the little things that drivers want. From the highways in Amherst, NY, to the roads less traveled outside of Buffalo, nothing is more convenient than premium-quality wireless entertainment. Who needs a clutter of wires serpentining your gear shifter like tangled ivy when you can eliminate the wires all together? As we get a closer look inside the new 2021 Honda Accord, it's evident that wireless CarPlay is among one of many top new features.

The Beauty of Going Wireless

Do you have trouble organizing your center console because of all the loose wires? Drivers in Kenmore, NY, know all too well that it takes a few cords to help you stay connected to your favorite devices. But what if we told you that the new Honda Accord is getting rid of one and making your entertainment connectivity accessible exclusively through Bluetooth? With the new 2021 Honda Accord, the biggest rumors surround the sedan's new infotainment configuration.

The beauty of going wireless is that it allows you to free up some space that otherwise ends up getting tangled into oblivion. Available with wireless CarPlay, the new 2021 Honda Accord adds to the interior's uncluttered aesthetic with one less wire running down Main Street. Keep your favorite playlists and Spotify podcasts in the queue and enjoy seamless connectivity as you step inside and your phone automatically syncs with the radio. As we learn more about wireless CarPlay, there's talk of a similar feature being introduced to support Android Auto as well.

Keep Your Eyes Open in Tonawanda

If there's one thing fewer wires do best, it's opening up your eyes to staying focused on the roads in North Tonawanda. One less wire, and all of a sudden, you're not distracted anymore by the jungle of copper entwined beneath your radio. To learn more about wireless CarPlay and the advantages of Bluetooth in the new 2021 Honda Accord, please call or contact us online today!

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