Now that winter is upon us once again, many drivers are scrambling to get new winter tires on their vehicles. With so many types of winter tires available, it’s hard to know which tires will best meet your needs. At Northtown Honda, we want you to make an informed decision and get the right tires, so pay us a visit.

Choose the type of winter tires based on your vehicle and winter conditions. Each of these tires is available as a passenger or light truck/SUV winter tire.
  • Passenger stud-less ice & snow tires – for maximum traction on ice and snow but without the hassle or using winter tire studs
  • Passenger studded winter tires – for average traction on snow and to be used with tire studs for traction on ice
  • Performance winter/snow tires – for better handling but less traction in winter
Don’t wait until you slide in the ditch or find yourself stuck in snow to realize you bought the wrong type of tires. Stop at our Amherst showroom, check out our selection of winter tires and let us swap your tires for you.



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