Many regions of the country experience natural disasters secondary to weather conditions. During winter, some people find themselves stranded on the road. By preparing in advance, vehicle owners increase their chances for survival until help arrives. Making a survival kit for a vehicle is not difficult and may save your life.

Equipment and supplies you want to have on hand include extra clothing changes that provide warmth. Pack a hat, boots and gloves if not worn during the journey. Take a snow shovel and an ice scraper. A bag of kitty litter provides traction on ice and snow.

Be sure to take water and snacks or quick meals. Pack a flashlight and extra batteries along with water-proof outerwear. The vehicle should also have a first aid kit, jumper cables, a tire pressure gauge and a multipurpose tool. Take your mobile phone and a car charger. If in need of a more reliable vehicle, see our Northtown Honda inventory and take a test drive.



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