Even if you have a roadside assistance membership, knowing how to change your own flat tire is valuable information. At Northtown Honda, we publish our blog to help you drive better, so we gladly share with you today our tips for changing a flat.

If you discover a flat while driving, resist the urge to immediately stop. Instead, engage your hazard lights, slow to a cautious speed and seek a firm, level stopping place. Next, locate your jack, lug wrench and spare tire. Before raising your car, partially loosen your flat's lug nuts. With the car raised, finish the nuts. Swap tires. Similar to earlier, start the nuts before you lower the car, and finish them after lowering it.

Safely gather your jack set and flat tire, and secure them in your trunk. Check the maximum speed imprinted on your spare tire before you resume driving. Professionally repair your flat tire soon.



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