What are Recalls?

When an auto recall happens, a manufacturer or possibly NHTSA will reveal that a car or different models sharing the same part will have problems. These are called safety recalls. In some cases, the recall may never be necessary because it was a small error on a safety score, but any type of problem can lead to a recall, big or small. The automaker will alert owners of these vehicles to show them what the problem is and how they can repair it. Sometimes, this means that the vehicle will be replaced, though typically only repairs are covered.

Most companies will notify by letter if there is a recall. If you don't receive a letter but you find out about the recall, you can still join in by reporting your vehicle and address to the manufacturer. This way, the manufacturer can notify you where to take the vehicle and how to get a refund if one is owed.

You can talk to Northtown Honda located in Amherst about any questions you have with vehicle recalls. They're happy to assist all drivers.



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