Things You Must Carefully Consider Before Towing

These tips should help to decrease the chances of trouble on the roads when you are towing.

To ensure another vehicle does not strike the back of the trailer, you'll need to have someone visually inspect the lights after the harness has been connected. Check that the brake lights, turn signals, and parking lights, are all working. Adjust the mirrors, and purchase blind-spot mirrors to help increase the views all around the sides.

Before the load is placed on the trailer, take your lug wrench and tighten the lugs on all the trailer tires. Now once the load is on the trailer, use a tire gauge and check the pressure to see if there is a leak, now is easier to make the fix than stranded on the highway with a blown tire.

Keep your vehicle in the best shape before and after towing when you visit Northtown Honda for a maintenance check.



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