Tailgating Essentials for Your Next Big Event

Here are a few things you should consider bringing to your next tailgating party to ensure the fun times never end.

Pack a good pair of jumper cables in your truck bed. Not only can you help another party goer if their battery goes dead, chances are you'll be playing your radio, have a TV plugged in, or using all the mobile charging stations. If your battery does die, you have the cables ready for anyone nearby to offer some assistance.

Keep a large clear plastic tote in the bed to haul home all your dirty plates, and cooking instruments. Get into the habit of tossing those devices in the tote so people at the party don't toss them into the trash. The clear tote will remind you at home to clean your stuff.

Bring the truck to Northtown Honda so we can make sure it is running fine for your next tailgating party.



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