How to Haggle the Best Price

Everyone likes to get a good deal. This is especially true on major purchases such as a new to you vehicle. But unfortunately, some used car salesmen attempt to drive up the price of a particular car because they work largely on commission. That is why our team of negotiating experts at Northtown Honda want to teach you a few tips about how to negotiate for a good deal for a new to you used car.

?First, never accept the initial offer of a car salesman. They almost always start out far higher than they are willing to actually sell the car to you for because they expect you to haggle. Second, never be fooled by a "closer" salesman. This is usually a very seasoned salesman who tries to finish the deal when the original salesman doesn't seem to be getting the job done. Want to test drive a new car before making an offer on it? Then there's no other place to go than Northtown Honda of Amherst.



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