Learning About the Different Types of Truck Bed Liners

Here at Northtown Honda, we wanted to help you understand all the different truck liner options available to you. The most common and popular bed liner is the drop-in style. These bed liners are basically heavy-duty molded rubber that is sculpted to be an exact fit to any make or model truck bed. These liners can be replaced after years of abuse.

The next popular bed liner is the spray-on type. These are a one-shot deal, meaning once the material is sprayed on the bed, it is there forever. The bed rugs and bed mats offer a smaller degree of protection, but not as much as the previous two liners. These liners can be removed and cleaned and placed back on the bed easily.

The bed liner will protect your truck's bed. Now call our Honda service facility in Amherst and we can take care of inspecting the rest of your vehicle throughout the year.

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