The reasons the tire pressure light are illuminating on your car's dash are numerous, so today we discuss a few of the causes you might not be aware of. Even a small obstruction in the tire could be allowing air to escape, and you may not be able to see the trouble. If the head of the nail or screw was sheared off from driving on the road, then the rest of the obstruction is deep in the tire tread now. A skilled mechanic will be able to find and repair the issue before you experience a blowout.

Air is also escaping from the car tires for other reasons. Air naturally escapes at a rate of a pound each month, and could be losing a pound of pressure for every ten degrees the temperature drops. Your tires can also gain pressure with rising temperatures, opening you up to losing control on the highway.

Bring the car in for a service check-up at the Northtown Honda auto service center in Amherst if the tire pressure indicator light continues to come on.

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