Myth: You Need To Change Your Oil Before a Road Trip

You are all set and ready to take that road trip with your family, but you have heard that you should have your engine oil changed? With so many myths about when to change your engine oil it can be confusing figuring out what is true and what is not true. Below is a common myth, followed by the truth:

MYTH: You Must Change Your Engine Oil Before A Road Trip

FACT: You do not always need to change your engine oil before taking a road trip. One factor that will determine if the oil needs to be changed is the mileage; if you had your engine oil changed recently there is no reason or benefit to changing it again. If you are close to the mileage where you oil needs to be changed then you might as well change it before you start out on your trip, but it is not imperative that you do. One reason you may consider changing you oil before a road trip would be if you are traveling from a warm climate to a cold climate, if you will be in the cold climate for a while you many want to consider changing to a winter oil that is able to withstand extreme cold, but again you do not have to (

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