How to Avoid an Unwanted Driving Experience

If you’ve ever experienced a tire blow-out, then you already know just how frightening it can be. One minute you’re driving down the highway at 55 mph, and then all of the sudden you’re experiencing a seemingly out of control situation.

Northtown Honda hopes that you will not go through that experience. Therefore, here are a few quick tips you should take to prevent a tire blow-out.

  • Maintain proper air pressure in your tires consistently.
  • Avoid bumping curbs when parking (always visually inspect the tire if it does occur).
  • Have a tire serviced immediately upon finding any foreign objects embedded.
  • Keep your tires rotated on a regular basis.
  • Replace any tires that reach 2/32 inches of tread life.

It’s far too easy to have a tire blow-out with tires that are unsafe, but you can avoid it altogether by using these tips while driving in Amherst, NY.

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