Are You On Top Of Your Tire Care?

Your gas mileage appears low. Little do you realize that underinflated tires create the issues decreasing your miles per gallon. Poor mileage might not be the worst issue. A poorly inflated tire could suffer a blowout. The same would be true of a dry-rotted tire. A blowout involves a tire literally coming apart as the rubber breaks. Severe accidents may result.

Don't assume all is well with your tires. Checking all four out regularly makes sense. Otherwise, you place the tire at risk for damage. A basic tire gauge tells you whether you need more air. Use it.

Be sure to check the tread depth as well. As tires suffer from use, the treads degrade. Eventually, the treads become so low that traction becomes compromised. Poor traction creates dangers.

Do you want your tires checked or are you in the market for new ones? Bring your vehicle to the service department at Northtown Honda in Amherst.



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